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Preparing your small business and personal tax returns can be a complex and mundane task. It can also eat into the precious time you need to focus on the core competencies which make your business a success. Ensuring your business and personal tax returns receive all the deductions which can legally be eliminated will help your business to thrive going forward.

Whether you are a start-up looking to ensure your business is formed and operating with the right tax structure for the outset or a highly profitable mid-market company looking to find additional loopholes and benefits from the tax code, we are here to help. Our recipe for financial and tax management is as expert as the people we work with. Couple proper business structure, planning and support with expert tax advice and expertise can be a huge boon, especially for nascent companies.

Some of the key areas of expertise which we provide our clients include:

  • Business entity consulting (Sole Proprietor, C/S Corp, LLC or Partnerships)
  • Tax Planning, Advice and Document Preparation
  • Small Business Bookkeeping and Quickbooks accounting
  • Tax consulting for tax software and efile tax applications
  • Prepare a long-term tax strategy to benefit your business year round
  • 1099 filing for contracted labor
  • Sales and Payroll tax filing
  • Accurate depreciation planning for business and personal assets
  • Tax consulting for mergers and acquisitions
  • Estate planning for trust and estates
  • Audit representation and guidance

Appropriate business tax consulting and tax preparation can be a very daunting and formidable task. Couple it with lack of tax expertise and a short time frame, ignoring the tax planning process can prove a potential nightmare. Contract with an expert tax consultant plan, prepare and foresee the eventual pitfalls of small business taxes.